Our commitment

Corporate social responsibility is part of our busi­ness pol­icy. In Ringi­er terms, sus­tain­ability means pursu­ing our compa­ny's financial objectives while keeping the envi­ron­ment and our society in mind. Aware of our stew­ard­ship as a me­dia enter­prise, Ringi­er epit­o­mizes corporate responsibility ev­ery day. Our group code of conduct is the foundation for con­sci­entious behav­ior in all our employees. We live up to this commit­ment by en­gaging in foundations, initiatives and var­ious con­tri­butions promoting a healthy social and cultur­al envi­ron­ment.

The Ringi­er group’s state of per­pet­ual evolution as well as rapid devel­op­ments in the area of electron­ic me­dia have exposed our compa­ny to an increas­ingly com­plex world. Ringi­er has responded by introduc­ing a mon­itor­ing system en­sur­ing adher­ence with compa­ny pol­icy as well as observance of le­gal reg­u­lations through­out the entire group. Concurrently, it al­lows for early de­tection of risks and opportunities and as a result strengthens the basis of our commit­ment in the area of corporate responsibility.

As a media company, Ringier assumes responsibility in a social context far beyond the realm of the company’s business activities. The activities of the Hans Ringier Foundation, for example, focus on the support of young journalists and quality in journalism. As part of this foundation, the Ringier School of Journalism has been training prospective journalists in every journalistic discipline since 1974. The Ringier Media Prize is awarded for outstanding reportage. In addition, Ringier Switzerland supports NGOs and ZEWO-certified foundations through discounted advertising space.

Ringier also promotes selected projects and initiatives that support media diversity and freedom. Publisher Michael Ringier is a member of the patrons’ committee of ‘Reporters without Borders’ in Switzerland. The organisation observes and documents the media-freedom situation in more than 150 countries and provides global support where journalists are threatened, persecuted or imprisoned.