Federally certified commercial employee (EFZ) | Zurich 

During this three-year training programme as a certified commercial clerk at our Zurich location, apprentices receive instruction in six of 12 training departments. The programme provides exciting insights into editorial departments, group staff positions, marketing departments and administrative offices. You will be given different tasks in each department. To cover the theoretical programme, apprentices attend the vocational school in Zurich twice a week for subject courses to gain in-depth knowledge of the industry. This mix of practical experience and academic theory brings variety to the trainees’ everyday experience. 

Federally certified digital print specialist (EFZ) | Zurich 

Digital print specialists design and edit text and images for print and electronic media. They ensure a clean layout on the computer, and convert data to a print or reproduction-capable form. Whether for a newspaper or magazine, catalogue or book, digital print specialists ensure that printed materials and electronic media have an appealing layout, that text is free of errors and set according to typographical rules, that images are reproduced in an attractive way with colour fidelity, and that data is transmitted in the right format. You are the interface between creation and production. Depending on the specialisation, digital print specialists focus primarily on design or technical implementation.   

Federally certified computer scientist (EFZ) 

The Service Desk & Help Desk helps users when issues arise with hardware or software. Employees with technical problems contact our Hotline, which provides a competent solution. If the problem can not be resolved immediately, the Service Desk takes over. Service Desk staff look at and resolve the problem through a remote connection or on-site. These services are based in Zofingen. During your training programme, you will also do a stint in Zurich. 

System technology | Zofingen 

Computer scientists with an emphasis on system technology are specialists in the set-up and maintenance of IT systems. You will install computers, servers and networks, update device configurations and software installations, develop IT concepts and train users. System technicians are also responsible for maintaining hardware, software and networks, and troubleshooting. Depending on your area of activity, you will also conduct specific programming tasks. 

Application development | Zofingen 

Computer scientists with an emphasis on application development are software specialists. At the centre of your work is the development and maintenance of programs used by users every day; e.g. for computer-controlled technical products (navigation systems, webshops, etc.) or for business processes, such as payroll accounting, materials management and the company’s payment system. Application development begins with an analysis of processes and functions and the requirements of new software solutions. Further steps include the development of a concept, programming, software testing and implementation. As an application developer, you are also responsible for training users, and creating manuals and course materials. 

Support | Zurich 

Computer scientists with a focus on support, installation, maintenance and repair of IT systems. You will concentrate primarily on hardware, but will also include software. Among your principal tasks is customer support relating to IT operational problems, changes in hardware and software, and new acquisition of equipment and systems. You will take care of personal computers, workstations, networks, printers, copy machines, scanners, fax machines, modems, beamers and digital cameras, as well as special applications such as copying systems.

«Over the course of the three years, you gain a lot of know-how both about the business profession and the industry as a whole. And I can always rely on the support of the apprenticeship managers for business and training issues.»


Meret | Third-year trainee | Commercial clerk

«For me, Ringier is the perfect place to do my training. Thanks to the twice-yearly department changes, you get to know a lot of interesting people, make new friends and of course learn a lot of new things.»


Joanna | Second-year trainee | Commercial clerk

«I could name a lot of things that I like here at Ringier. In terms of the training, it’s definitely the variety-filled work and the great working environment, as well as the independent work within the team.»


Aline | Third-year trainee | Digital print specialist

«The best thing about my training programme is the responsibility that is given to me. You don’t feel like ‘just’ a trainee, but more as a full member of the team. The training programme at Ringier has absolutely flown by!»

Tim| Third-year trainee | Commercial clerk