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Events & collaborations


At our Open Day for school pupils, we open our doors and offer visitors an exclusive glimpse into the world of our media company. 

New employees are invited to a Welcome event that offers a look at the different areas and modes of working in our company. This not only helps new employees learn more about the company, but also gives them the opportunity to network with their colleagues and meet important contacts. 

For interested groups from universities and other institutions of higher learning, we are happy to arrange customised informational events. Please contact 


Ringier offered multimedia students from Chur University of Applied Sciences the opportunity to gain a practical insight into the topic of project management. 

Students in the multimedia production course had the chance to examine project management at Ringier through film projects. Without any restrictions on the part of Ringier, the third-semester students were given the chance to make various corporate films about Ringier’s companies, departments and brands, and thus learn about project management through a combination of theory and practice. 

The objective of the collaboration with the student multimedia specialists was to present little known aspects of the company to the audience. These included Goodnews,, Schweizer Illustrierte iPad app, and Ringier, Human Resources. 

Training and continuing education is a core commitment of Ringier, which is why we support educational institutions in such endeavours. It’s all the more beneficial when a win-win situation emerges, because the students’ work paid off for Ringier as well: it used most of the marketing films in their original form for its own and third-party media use. 

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